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Re: Lexapro
Mar 24, 2014
Felt very positive when i popped the first Lexapro, didnt read the side effects that came wjth it because i knew id freak or feel them all.
i got into a zone very fast...a mellow, tired, blah feeling and a bad stomach, but i always have a bad stomach. I laid around like a zombie...which was fine for a while. Around noon or 1...i started getting anxious, maybe from laying like a slug. Hot and sweating...around five i was restless but still groggy. Didnt want to eat, or take one of the two xanaxs i had left. Around 7..i got a horrible icy/hot flash through my arms , chest and stomach....i hate that!!! What is that>>!> I tossed and turned, and kept having burnng gushing feeling in my stomach and some in my chest, my foot got tingly, my legs shook, and so at 9 took a Xanax, and i think i had 5 mins of relaxation...thats odd. Seems the .50 isnt working anymore for me already. I did get tired and fell asleep and woke at 130 in a panic....burning everywhere, shaking....i lost it! I grabbed my clothes in the dark, went outside and called 911. The burning gushing in my tummy was just too much. So, just got back from my home away from home the ER. I was the only one there... they knew right away that it was panic, but they went ahead and did the EKG, blood work and a stomach CT. Everythiing was perfect! I took a half xanax before i went so i could relax a tad and talk to them the way i wanted too and not be crazy.. They said the icy/hot in the veins and skin is common to anxiety/panic..stomach issues too..blah blah. Anyway, ill be seeing my regular dr, today or tomorrow and have to have a talk with him... hes gotta give me ativan or xanax, a higher amount and quite a few while im getting on the lexapro because im very scared and low right now... if he cant do that...i wont be able to taper on it! I'm so scared of pills... that was my fun night.

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