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Good morning... this seems to happen most mornings..the singing a line or repeating the same phrase over and over. The dreams happen EVERY time I sleep. Mostly dreams about plane crashes, houses collapsing and friends and family. Not always bad.. sometimes I cant remember them when I wake, but yes there is always something im repeating when i wake up. I'm now taking Klonopin, 4th day and its working pretty well for my severe anxiety so far. Last night I took it as i was supposed too(and my lexapro 10mg)... ate.. and was happy and ready for bed. I had the movie Anastasia playing in the background..i woke a few hours after i went to sleep thinking im a princess, no big deal i just went back to sleep. Again I found myself up in the fridge guzzling grape juice... went back to bed and it happened again...was just so thirsty. I dont know what happened, i was doing well sleeping through most nights. Anyway, i woke up saying in my head "very VERY weird break me off a piece of that kit kat bar" over and over and over... you are right it is tormenting. Its been about an hour now and its stopped thank god. My mind wants to blame the klonopin...but since its nothing new i know its not the reason. I think because im out of work right now, and dont have "useful" things on my brain is just throwing stuff out there...and theres probably something i can find my purpose again, and fill my head back up with daily living. Anxiety can really do a number on a person. I'm glad to hear you got past it, and im not the only one...sure feels that way sometimes. It does beat waking up in panic mode lol still just so odd! :)

Glad your doing ok, and hope your weekend is going well.

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