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Back in Novemember 2001 I was having one attack everyday around the same time every night between 9pm and 11pm. The first one I ever had took me to the Er thinking I was having a heart attack because I had never had one before. They did an ecg..normal a chest xray..normal and bloodwork...normal. My stomach was burning like fire and they gave me something to freeze my esothagus and stomach and the chest pain went away. So I was sent home with a script for Losec. The next night I had another one still not knowing what they were but knowing my vital organs were ok I stayed home and called my mother. After telling her how I was feeling she told me it was anxiety/panic attack and brought me some Ativan. The attack left as fast as it came after I took half a pill 0.05mg. So I finally knew what they were but that didnt stop them from coming nightly it just helped me deal with them. When I felt one coming I would take my half Ativan and call someone my mom or a friend and just talk about anything. This helped alot but I wanted to know what caused them. It turned out it was my upcoming hysterectomy and since I had that done in May of 2002 I havent had near as many maybe one every 2 month or so but I think they are because I am still struggling with my TMJD and it is very painful. I went to my TMJ doc Monday and I have to have another surgery but the attacks are still at bay for now. I would suggest anything to keep your mind of the attack when you start getting one. If you dont like Ativan which has helped me very a book, call a friend and try and breathe deep and slow and remember they wont kill you I think fear of death is alot of the reason my attacks got so severe. My best to you I know these attacks are no picnic we just have to deal with them the best we can and having a forum like this helps alot.

TMJD for 12 years
Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Anxiety/Panic Attacks (cured now I think)
Teen daughters that have had medical problems and I will help and over advice on what areas I am knowledgable in.

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