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the past 3 days i have been experiencing a pain in my back, bottom of my back and also right inbetween my shoulder bones, aching behind my left breast and all down my leftarm am 22 yrs old.. went to docs today for something else and i mentioned this to her and she said it was musclar pain, i dont understand this as i havent done anything badly strenuous.. it is annoying me as i am worried,i am convinced that as my legs have been aching lately that maybe i got a blootclot in my leg and a small clot has broken off and has clogged an artery leading to my heart,, thats what i think.. basically it feels as if someone has given me a good kickin in the back especially at the top.. i suffer from anxiety and worry alot.... anyone know? plse plse plse plse reply i am so scared..thankyou


I'm in the same boat as you Donna! I too thought there was something HORRIBLY wrong with me after I started experiencing severe muscle tension in my neck, back, chest and arm. After a thorough exam by 5 different doctors they all said nothing was wrong. I had chest X rays, back and neck X rays, EKGs, blood work, and an MRI, all normal! According to my Drs anxiety and stress can do a lot to your muscles. Even when you aren't trying, your muscles tense when you're under stress because they're trying to protect you. After time your body gets tired, thus you have pain. My Dr even said severe anxiety and stress can cause the muscles to get so tense they pull the vertabrae together causing even more tension. I've been getting weekly massages, which help quite a bit. Hot baths, long walks, and someone you can confide in may also help. Keep us posted on your progress!

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