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Xanax question
Jan 23, 2003
I recently heard of someone who is very happy taking xanax for anxiety and says she plans to take it for the rest of her life. I thought xanax was only a "short-term solution" and not safe for long-term use. clarification? thanks
Re: Xanax question
Jan 24, 2003
Yes, it should be used short term as benzodiazepines are highly addictive/dependancy producing. Very small doses and using on "as needed basis", in other words not every day like clockwork will help avoid dependancy , although it is possible even with that type of use for too long, but not as likely. With daily use of a mg. or more, dependancy could become an issue. I hear many people say "so what if I am dependant on a pill," but what they don't realize is with dependancy comes tolerance issues where the need for higher and higher doses becomes apparent when the drug stops working and the person will start to experience terrible withdrawal symptoms even while still on the drug!

Mental and physical health can also be jepordized as depressants like Xanax have ill effects on the body. They also impaire judgement, can have paradoxial reactions(such as rage), effects coordination, slows reflexes and cognitive thinking; also implicated in "floppy baby syndrome" and are responsible for many accidents.

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