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First of all, I should have known better than posting this message on an anxiety board, because I'm guessing everyone who roams around this board has NOT overcome their anxiety, and that's why you're all here...although I guess there's always a chance.


Yes I have had a full physical and many testing done, and no problems have been found. I realize drugs affect the nervous system, but I suffered from anxiety long before I began to take medication. And as I mentioned in my post, I have been going to counseling for several months now, and have officially been diagnosed with PTSD. Counseling was the best thing I've ever done for myself, it's nice to have someone actually listen and make an educated diagnosis rather than a doctor listening for 5 minutes and throwing some pills at you.

As for the xanax, it's far too late to "be careful", as I am already addicted both physically and emotionally, and have been for months. I can't even THINK about weaning myself off them until my zoloft kicks in, otherwise I wouldn't be able to function properly. You can bet your life savings that I'll taper off xanax as soon as humanly possible though!

I completely agree with you that the whole "chemical imbalance" thing truly is just a theory, however SSRI's have helped thousands of people despite the fact it has not yet been proven. Like I said, zoloft helped me before, and I'm confident it will help me again. I also agree with you that long term effects of SSRI's are still unknown, so I definitely want to be on zoloft as short of a period as possible.

I really just wish I could find somebody who's taken an SSRI and has overcome their anxiety after they stopped taking it. It would be a real encouragement for me, because I dont want to depend on zoloft forever!

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