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Kate thank you for being there for me- I thank everyone for trying to help me. It is so hard for me and I wish that I had someone like you to be with me today. We live across the country so I guess this would be a little hard. But maybe virtually, we can shop and go places together- just like today. I forced myself out on all of your advise. I don't know if it helped much, but at least I was not home crying. I just wish I would not have all of these physical symptoms at the same time, I get so scared as to what they mean. My leg is scaring me even though I went to the orthopedic dr. and he said that he felt it was just muscular. But, I think it is from the zocor that I take for cholesterol so I stopped it. I have been on that board trying to get advise for this problem too. Sometimes you have to be your own doctor. THey have given me some bad advise in the past and that is why I just do not trust whatever they tell me and I just feel that i have to keek searching until I can find reasons. It has been proven in the past that I was really suffering with treatable illnesses when the drs told me that it was only stress= This has been going on for 20 years now, so you see, it is really hard for me now to believe anyone or to have any faith. I am on ativan .5 three times a day, and also on wellbutrin (which I feel is doing nothing for me) I have an appointment with a psychiatrist in a week to see if I should change meds and how to go about it. I really don't want to go on any of the others, since I hafe had bad experiences with some SSRI's and tricylics. Sometimes, I just feel like screaming to the world and asking why all of this is happening to me, but I know that this will not help me at all. I do vent to my husband and kids ( who are all grown) but I think that they are even getting tired of hearing me and take me for a hypocondriac ( which I hate) Well, anyway, please keep writing to me and letting me know that you are all still there- thanks M

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