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Hi again Mandie...I thought about you today and wondered if you went shopping. You see you had a stiff leg, but you were still walking and it's not serious. It's just tension. Your headache is just tension...caused by your own fear of feeling the physical manifestations of tension. I found myself wishing we could have gone shopping together...It really helps to be with a person who really understands. My husband has never been a real support to me in my nervous illness. I've had to rely on friends and what I can read for the most part. Men, unless they have suffered anxiety themselves tend to be rather "unhelpful" in dealing with this sort of thing. As for the seeing people laughing and it seeming strange. That very same thing happened to me not long ago when I was getting my hair done. An older lady was in there...She was laughing and joking...having a great time and I wondered what was wrong with me that I cant be that way. How long have you suffered like this, Mandie?...I've had it almost all my life so it's like I can't really remember what it's like to feel "normal". I have suffered like you, but when I get to a certain point I have to see a Dr. I really wish you would consider some kind of medication...just till you can get a handle on your feelings and anxiety...The meds can calm you to the point that you can become more rational and not as focused on your physical symptoms and then you can begin to see that it's "just nerves"...You aren't crazy, you aren't dying...though you might feel every minute of the day you are. Don't go to the Dr and say "my leg is stiff" or "I'm dizzy"...Go in and tell them you are an anxiety sufferer and you need some help. I know the feeling of being "fogged in" and like your brain wont stop...The meds help that feeling, honest...and under a Dr's supervison can really help. I've been using Xanax for a little over a year. I take more when I'm upset and less when I'm not and I'm in no way addicted. I have also taken Serzone for depression in the past and it worked great with no side effects...It didnt help with anxiety, though. So I'm just saying....if you cant get control of your bad feelings on your own ..a few short term meds can help. I know, I dont like meds myself, but it's better than suffering like you are...You're not alone and we all understand...

Generalized Anxiety Disorder/40+ years
Depression/3 years
Been there, done it...If I can answer any questions you might have about symptoms, treatment, etc...I'd be glad to help.

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