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Paxil and other antidepressants can cause mania or maniac reactions. Perhaps if you haven't had mania in the past, it could be a result of all the meds? Lowering the dose would be ok if you haven't developed drug tolerance, in which case you would have withdrawal reactions upon lowering the dose.

Do you not like to go out because of noise sensitivity? Or a feeling of dissasociation? Here's a portion of the Buspar adverse effects on the CNS:

Dizziness, headache, drowsiness, lightheadedness, insomnia, fatigue, nervousness, decreased concentration, excitement, depression, confusion, nightmares/vivid dreams, anger/hostility. Infrequently (<1%) depersonalization, noise intolerance, euphoria/feeling high, dissociative reaction, fear, loss of interest, dysphoria, hallucinations, seizures, suicidal thoughts. Rarely, slurred speech, claustrophobia, cold intolerance, stupor, psychosis.

And Paxil:

Nervous System:
Frequent: CNS stimulation, concentration impaired, depression, emotional lability, vertigo. Infrequent: Akinesia, alcohol abuse, amnesia, ataxia, convulsion, depersonalization, hallucinations, hyperkinesia, hypertonia, incoordination, lack of emotion, manic reaction, paranoid reaction, thinking abnormal. Rare: Abnormal EEG, abnormal gait, antisocial reaction, choreoathetosis, circumoral paresthesia, delirium, delusions, diplopia, drug dependence, dysarthria, dyskinesia, dystonia, euphoria, fasciculations, grand mal convulsion, hostility, hyperalgesia, hypokinesia, hysteria, libido increased, manic depressive reaction, meningitis, myelitis, neuralgia, neuropathy, nystagmus, psychosis, psychotic depression, reflexes increased, stupor, withdrawal syndrome.

Note the "manic-depressive" reaction listed. It seems a little ironic that you are taking a drug for social anxiety disorder, and yet you don't want to be out among people. Well,if these side effects are not it I hope you find an answer soon and good luck.

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