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Hot body...where you just feel like its 100 degrees, and maybe all of a sudden your face starts burning or legs when you maybe stand and move and then sit.... Can really be anxiety related!! I didn't believe it for the longest time.. but a little short story....

I was alone for three days, family went away, and although I do have GAD (severe) I was OK....still had some minor symptoms like achy chest, tired...didnt want to go anywhere (I'm now basically home bound) Taking Xanax, going to start weening (no choice) tomorrow... anyway.. I did ok alone, im one of those people who would rather be alone. got alot done... come Saturday morning I knew the family, WHOLE extended family would be home later that night. I was sitting on the computer when my middle chest just burned, spread to both arms, palms got sweaty and went away and didnt turn into a panic attack but for one second I thought "MY HEART!" "Attack!!" About ten mins later i got a text they were all on their way home... I heard this and my body burned for a a the blood just rushed around. I do feel I have some hormonal problems... but as I sat there I realized the timing was to much of a coinicedence!!! (spelling) I havent had a burning in the chest for weeks, or icy hot blood rushing feeling, or hot face..legs stomach etc etc.... I missed a HUGE family graduation party at a banquet hall, and the guilt and knowing I just couldnt get out into the car to go has really been tough..I have my Dad here at the house.. and I feel I let everyone down, no one to turn too :( BUT..I'm hanging in there. I actually got screamed at..I mean really torn up by my mother, and balled my eyes out. (Lexapro seems worthless, at 10mg at least) So...they went to the party without me...i stayed home alone and felt OK...not red, or hot, no flashes or shakes... took a nap and felt fine, just guilty. I took a Xanax at night, the one i was allowed...and the family got home and we all sat around and talked, and i managed fine. In the house anyway) I felt really great later... for some reason late late at night im hopeful and feel normal. I ate their party leftovers, was nice n cool, happy. My dad asked me to go with him to walmart today and I said Sure! :) Anyway... I got up today... didnt take anything but my lexapro last dressed and started to feel warm, and nervous. He said ready to go? I said no, but ok. Made it in his truck, feeling warmer and warmer... buckled in...made it about two blocks and i was tensing, i mean my feet wouldnt stay flat on the floor.....heat creeping up my neck and face...small shakes. I put my very red blotchy hands between my thighs for a min so i would see how red they were and when i pulled them thighs just they were branded or something!! I said I cant do this, please take me home. He did...and he went out alone. I'm sitting here guilty again...wanting so badly to just be able to get in a car and go to a simple store, wishing someone could just understand. I even asked him if maybe we could go somewhere very close, a place im used too but he said no. Anyway, i came in...supposedly 65 degrees and i was just burning up, even my stomach, such a weird feeling...sometimes like i have sunburn. (Also alot of stomach gurgling since family got into town..random burning) Feet hot and sweaty. because of how I was alone before this.... I'm 99.9 percent this is anxiety..... so my point is, after this very long story.... that if you've been checked out, had all the tests...and they say its anxiety...and you have these symptoms... I just have to say they can definately BE MAJOR symptoms... I'm in my room now, I did break and take a xanax early... I'm relaxed and cool. (I could probably now go to the store without freaking, but i didnt want to take one, wanted to be brave) Of course there could be an underlying problem, but i just wanted to let anyone who has these problems know that there is someone out there....who has this happen while under severe stress and anxiety.
(Made even worse when its hot n humid outside!..uggg) :)

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