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Re: Dizzy 24/7
Mar 23, 2005
Thanks for your reply Dartanian.

the medication did seem to help me as i hadn't had a panic attack for a least a year until recently so i did have some relief from the symptoms.. However the body and swaying is annoying me to the point that i think i make it worse as i think about it too much.. I also seem to feel worse in grocery stores and things like that..

If i am up and moving around i tend to not notice the symtoms as much. Or maybe is just because i am focusing on something else, not sure

I have also went to the doctors on a few occasions when i woke in the morning and could not walk as the room was spinning and i had no balance.. Which got better as the day went on, doctor doesn't know what causes this, he says he thinks some kind of pressure is being put on the neck causing temporary loss of blood flow or something to the brain when i am sleeping.. not sure if i believe him or not but all of my tests have come back fine..

I enjoy these boards , and am so happy to know that i am not the only person going through this and it is also a relief to know that it is just anxiety , i just keep telling myself everyday that i am not going to let this beat me.. I know that i can fight it and i will.. besides i have 2 small children who need me and me moping around all the time isn't helping them at all either..

I will be sure to post on here often whith what i am going through..


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