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Hi there!

Even though you probably don't want to be here, welcome to the boards.

I have been experiencing Anxiety for the last 5 years, and am 18 at the moment, working at McDonald's, so I feel like I can relate to you personally. Anxiety is a horrible feeling, and it itself can cause many physical problems including lightheadedness, trembling, racing heartbeat, etc. The first thing I would relay to you is that you are not alone and people do care about how your feeling and want to help you get better!

That being said, you need to make sure you're having something to eat. I know this is obvious, and you're probably saying, "how the hell does he know how hard it is to eat & what I'm going through right now", but I can assure you I do know, and I can also assure you that not eating is only going to make you worse. If you can't take any solids down right now, try a smoothie lightly sweetened, fruit and vegetable to get those vital nutrients in your body that have been depleted during this time.

Based off of your reaction to the possibility of throwing up, you might have agoraphobia and/or social anxiety. You didn't want to embarrass yourself in front of people or your sister if you did throw up, and you wanted this uncomfortable, anxiety provoking feeling to go away at least until you were home and by yourself next to a toilet...

SOME doctors are so willing to just prescribe medication and send you on your merry way, but we all know this does little, if nothing for us. And who wants to be on an anxiety pill for the rest of their life? The idea of that life is making me anxious. What we need to try is remedies nature intended, and possibly psychotherapy. It doesn't mean your a psycho, it means you're looking for relief like all of us. I wouldn't care if somebody thought of me as a psycho by going to therapy if I knew this was helping me so tremendously!

I am unsure if you have been experiencing anxiety in your life previously, or if your symptoms have just recently began, but my GAD started with a very powerful panic attack when I was about 13 years old, and I'll never forget that day. Let's hope for now that this is an isolated incident.

Keeping the above in mind, college is a real ***-kicker. My *** has been kicked so many times by college, and you too, because we care. Caring about our grades, our social life, and trying to do these and more all at once while not forgetting to breathe is a real chore. Midterms last Fall landed me in the hospital, and I went to the urgent care hospital two times in the spring. Anxiety had caused some heart problems for me as a result of the tremendous stress, and this is just my Freshman year. It's amazing what stress AND anxiety can do to you. We must recognize that stress and anxiety feed off of each other, and once we can get our stress under control, anxiety may be more willing to respond to treatment options.

Before I bore you, I will recommend these few things to get you back on track so you can better respond to your anxiety, remember these are recommendations, not prescriptions:

1. Magnesium. Magnesium is the de-stresser mineral. It regulates everything from heartbeat to your mood. Look it up for more information, but I take Magnesium Citrate (200mg) twice daily. You might benefit from only one pill since your blood pressure is already probably lower than normal due to you not eating. (remember that smoothie idea!)

2. Call a friend, talk on the phone, pet your animals, keep your mind occupied with something.

3. Increase your sodium intake, especially since you haven't been eating as much food as you should have and your blood pressure is undoubtably low at this point, you need to restore this to normal levels otherwise you will continue to be lightheaded. Magnesium Citrate will help regulate your blood pressure as well, it's an amazing mineral and it's pretty cheap (one bottle ran me 7 bucks at Walmart). Magnesium Citrate is the best, but oxide will do.

4. Don't lose hope! You have people here to help you!

5. See work (school and your job) as bettering yourself, and listen to your body. Take things in strides, you can't be president in one day. Put things in perspective and enjoy life! Make the best of your job and see it as a positive reality in your life, you're making money. It wont hurt you if you don't let it.

The biggest thing to realize with anxiety is that your mind is perceiving regular events in your life as dangerous and thus we panic. Try to train your mind that anxiety is harmless, you're fine, and you CAN control it!

Hope this helped you, good health!

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