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I used to have it really bad when I would go shopping and sometimes driving and just being around other people where its noisy and crowded. I think it is caused by social anxiety. It happens to alot of people with anxiety/panic. It finally went away when I started taking propranolol (Inderal LA). I hope this helps some and I hope you feel better soon.>>

same here...all it takes is a trip to the mall to trance my mind out. i can see how social anxiety can help cause this...but do you think being depersonalized, in turn, can cause one to feel paranoid and so make the problem of social anxiety worse? cos i'm never quite sure how i come across to ppl since i'm usually so hung up on the basics (acknowledging their existence, etc) that i probably don't react appropriately sometimes (blank stare, taking a long time to react to what they're saying, etc). thank you for the Rx recommendation. have a pleasant day.

I get the same thing, usually in stressful interactions, but I also feel spaced out all the time. My symptoms started about two years ago with dizziness/vertigo issues. Just got back today from an EEG. Might be stress, might be ears, blood probs? My new doc just prescribed Trileptal (to slow brain impulses). Anyone have any ideas?>>

don't know anything about Trileptal. however, i too have problems w/ dizziness which began when this whole depersonalization thing started...sometimes my ears ring, though the prob isn't bad enough to affect my hearing overall--and i've never paid attn to if the ringing coincides w/ my spacing out. but that's all food for thought...i should probably visit a medical doctor, and not just a therapist. thank you kindly for yer response.

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