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I am a 39 year old male with a family history of GAD, PA's, sinusitus, allergic rhinitus, Turette's Syndrome, GERD, etc. I take xanax on an as-needed basis and Prevacid for the GERD. Oh, I also have slight ulnar nerve entrapment to add to my list of ills. I have a pet goose that I have a bad habit of letting sleep with me even though I am highly allergic to feathers, down, hay, etc. Anyway, there's a bit of history about me;-).

Now down to the nitty gritty. I woke up this morning with my sinuses plugged, eyes puffy and completely out of it (I had slept with my goose last night but had'nt taken xanax in 4 days). I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge looking for something to get out for dinner later that evening. My roommate was also in the kitchen. As I'm incoherently babbling to him and trying to speak in whole sentences, I find that I have just gotten out two gallons of milk, a tube of cinnimon rolls and a package of cheese and layed them on the counter. What the HECK did I do this for?? (I ask myself). Am I completely scatterbrained or something?. So I put the items back in the fridge but then I was forgetting words or mispronouncing them, getting words backwards, having what I call "brain misfires", etc and it was starting to scare me and make me angry at the same time. Anxiety has played a lot of cruel tricks on me over the years and this was certainly nothing new but it still scared me because I thought maybe I was getting mad cow disease, alzheimers or something. I could feel the adrenilin rush through me as I panicked at the very thought. I also get very angry, irritable and overly-aggressive (but not violent) for no reason or little things with set me off. It's been this way for about three days now (although I've had this in the past) and sometimes I just feel dazed, spacey, squirrely, in the head. Sort of like if you got wacked in the head by a 2X4 and the little birds were flying around your head like in the cartoons. I'd love to take a xanax for this but that would help at first but only make me more anxious in the long run. My question is, can you people relate to any of these things which I have just mentioned?. How do you handle it?. What are your symptoms?. I am very scared like I am going nuts or something. PLease help me and thank you so much!!.

- Cheers

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