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May 29, 2014
hey guys i am new here. sorry about the story i am going to type but i got to give you the information right from the start. i am 23 year old male 6 weeks ago i had a bad cold,flu coughing up yellow,etc,my dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital for 1 week. the second day he was in the hospital,i felt short of breath,whole body felt numb ,face went numb,heart felt like it was beating out of chest,my penis went very small and hard could not bend it or nothing.I went to the docter and they told me it was an anxiety dad is now out of the hospital and doing good but ever since that episode in the hospital every day for 6 weeks i am constantley short of breath all day long and dizzy there might be a few hours out of the day that i feel alright.i have been to 7 different docters and 3 different hospitals and i find it hard to believe this is anxiety.every time i have an attack i sometimes have different symptoms,but my penis going small and hard i do not no what is going on there.every day the middle top of my chest sturtum feels sore ,my left arm is numb somtimes my right,my head feels like it is on fire ,dizzy very warm to touch.i have been very very gassy like burping.i am constantly yawning,and i have sore back.for the first week i could not really sleep felt like i stoped breathing.but that got better.And in the morning when i blow my nose it is yellow its been like that for about 6 weeks,i am easly startled to,and tired all the time,i cant even realy do anything without feeling likeim having a panic attack,short of breath almost all day every day for 6 weeks.and last week i had a bad flu where i was vomiting and runs for 3 days my gf and my daughter had it same symptoms. i am a mess lol is there any thing that can help anxiety the dr got me on ativan but i dont take it i try to calm my self down i find i cant sit or relax or anthing when im having one i have to go out side and walk around

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