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Just wondering if anyone else experiences this. 3 key things seem to bring on anxiety symptoms stronger than normal.

Lack of restful sleep. If I get a bad night's sleep, the next day I am always on the edge of anxiety attacks. Like today - bad sleep last night, and the littlest bits of stress at work got my head/neck all tensed up, sinking feeling in chest etc. And just have not been feeling good today.

Exercise. I'm trying to train up for a 5k run but I can barely run for a few minutes before I get chest pains, very noticeable heart pounding, tension/pressure in neck/head, tingly hands/feet. I'm out of shape, but I've never felt so awful from heavy exercise as I have been lately. I've had blood tests, ECG, echo, x-ray, so I know my heart is physically fine. But it seems like any more than light exertion brings on the symptoms that seem to stem from narrowing of blood vessels and of course that gets me thinking about it too much so I can't run very much at once.

Overeating. If I eat too much, I guess my stomach swells too much and irritates the vagus nerve, causing anxiety symptoms? That's the only explanation I can think of. This one's not as major, unless it's been 2+ days of bad eating which leads to bad sleep, which goes around to point #1.

Anyone have similar experiences?? I feel like a jibbering fool every time I try to explain this stuff to people, even doctors.

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