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Hi there.

I also have GAD and bad thoughts everyday. My husband has heart disease that started at age 37. From the first bypass, which was a result of an angioplasty that went bad and he crashed. It took 3 shocks to bring him back. Then 6 yrs later, chest pains again resulting in another angioplasty that went terribly bad. Then exactly 6 yrs after that, went in for another cardiac cath that went bad and resulted in a 2nd bypass. It's been 12 yrs since his last heart episode, so I feel like he is living on borrowed time and it consumes my thoughts. Anyway, I didn't mean to make this about me, but to give you some support. Instead of thinking about what you did not accomplish, think of the things you did accomplish. I think each day, that I'm blessed to still have hubby with me. What you accomplished on your work day was first, getting out of bed in time for work. Getting yourself together to look work appropriate. You drove to work and didn't have an accident. You put your time in at work and you must do a decent job because you are still employed.
You drive yourself home from work and do what needs to be done to keep a home that does not look like something out of Hoarders. See where I'm leading? Each day I tell myself that hubby is going to die sometime, but he's still here now and I cherish the days with him.

Think positive thoughts.


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