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Re: HVS and anxiety
Mar 15, 2003
What you had with the palps with the cold is pretty normal. Sometimes you'll get it when you have a fever.
The one thing I found out from my own experience and reading others peoples is that emergency people will automatically put it down to anxiety especially if you're fairly young{I just 34}. They'll do an EKG, sometimes they'll do other stuff and then they send you on your way with xanax or ativan{they gave me xanax} knowing full well you can't take it on a daily basis because it's addictive. I was just reading to today about how some DR's treat patients like they're nutty when they can't find disease.
Anyway, the first DR said HVS and anxiety. I've been back to my regular DR and so far I've had two more EKG's, an echo, holtor monitor, thyroid tests, sugar tests and deficiency tests{blood work} to rule out sugar or thyroid problems. So far the EKG reveals tachycardia{fast heart rate} which is actually the rolling sensation I was talking about although I didn't know it was fast heart rate. Although this morning I seemed to have the rolling sensation and my pulse rate was 70{which is normal} so I'm not sure what's going on there. Other than that the EKG was normal. Echo was normal{DR said I had healthy heart so that made me feel better}, I'm still waiting on holtor results{hope that turns out good} and blood work.
THe first DR's diagnosis may be right but without the other tests how would he know? My pulse rate was normal then though.
When I went into my DR I was so nervous and anxious and I was breathing alot and was just twitching in that chair waiting. Anyway, my pulse rate was 106 when the nurse checked it and it was still fast when the DR did the EKG. I was so nervous I couldn't relax if I had wanted to plus I had myself worked into a frenzy before I got there worrying what he might say.
The DR that did the Echo said that both anxiety and hyperventilation can cause racing heart. He said what's happening is your body isn't using up the adrenalin like when you exercise and your HR increases.
I was reading about adrenalin and the nervous system today and how several disorders like panic attacks, some benign tachycardias and some other ailments all have these in common. I guess because too much adrenalin goes into the blood and it's not going anywhere like when you exercise. They all center around the heart which I don't I don't understand. Although if some people get really nervous they'll urinate alot or get diarrhea or even throw up which I don't really understand either.
Anyway, I have alot of abdominal problems like indigestion and stomach upset which fortunately I haven't had too much lately except today. I get these abdominal like flutters and it's always gurgling and bubbling in there and at first this really made me scared and I'd think it was my heart even I felt even a little twitch in my chest but it's not quite as bad now. Sometimes I feel like I need to cough too.
Did they do all the tests like EKG, Echo, holtor, test the thyroid, sugar and for any deficiencies? My DR's testing for all of it. He also put me on 800 mg of magnesium a day{that's supposed to reduce palps} and the other DR said I could actually go to 1000 mg a day{I'm not up that high yet, I've been gradually adding it because it can cause diarrhea at higher doses}.
The thing that bothers me the most is that I get palps{racing heart} at night when I'm sleeping. If I turn over I'll feel it{I'm awake but conscious enough to feel it}. But just as soon as I wake up it slows back down. I wanted to try to test my pulse in the morning when I just wake up to see how high it really is but I had to get up and get the BP/pulse checker and bt the time I did my pulse was back down to 70 so I didn't know. It's probably just as well. If I tested it and it was 115 or 120 or higher I'd absolutely panic. So far when it has been over 100 it's been about 105 or 102 or something like that. I have stuffy nose in the morning too.
Anyway, I feel better now that I'm taking the magnesium. I can't say that's it's helping the palps alot{it is some, they are better in the daytime and a little better at night. I'm more relaxed and fall asleep faster when I go to bed and feel better overall. My Dad read in one of his health books that it was good for nervousness. I don't know but it has helped me. I was kind of surprised when one of the DR's said that some of that stuff in my Dad's health book is right.
Whatever the case my Dr wants to try the natural stuff first and only resort to medication as a last resort. Some of the medicines aren't real effective and have bad side effects.
Anyway, enough rambling.
I can't suggest how to determine which DR's are good and which aren't. I don't know how many tests you've had done to absolutely rule out cardiac problems. If you've had everything I've had and they didn't say anything then your heart is most likely healthy or they would have said something.
But if you're still having problems you could find another DR and of course he/she would run another series of tests. BUt if this one finds nothing too I suggest don't keep doing what I hear some doing{already been to 4 cardiologists}. At this point they are not only suffering from anxiety they are suffering from hypochondria too{running from one DR to the next and having a new set of complaints to add to the old ones.} And I'm not saying these people are wrong or crazy because anxiety causes alot of symptoms, debilitating ones and I believe anxiety breeds hypochrondria and one ache is magnified ten or fifteen fold until the person is convinced there is something wrong and their DR just didn't catch it so they must go to another and another and another when each DR finds nothing and it's just a vicious cycle and a full blown disease.
Anxiety breeds a myriad of symptoms and the person isn't dying but they fear they are especially when your heart races or one feels a twinge of pain and the anxiety keeps compounding. I'm not saying of a person has chest pain they shouldn't go the DR, it would be stupid if they didn't but it's gets useless if one has been to 5 different DR's and they all pronounce the person healthy{at the same time, not 1, 5 or 10 years later}.
I understand this because the anxiety of wondering and hoping and praying nothing's wrong and thinking I'm too young for heart problems and I've always been healthy is certainly making my symptoms worse. So far some of the tests are normal and I still have to find out on a couple so there's some anxiety and I try not to think about it and just think if there is I didn't wait for a year or two to go, I went immediately.
BUt there's still that, "Oops I forgot to tell the DR one or two of my ailments.
I understand anxiety and hypochrondria not so much from my own perspective but from Dad's. Come to think of it my Dad kind of started the same way I have. He had an attack of hyperventilation which he thought was a heart attack and I was very young so I don't remember everything but my Dad ran to the DR alot convinced the DR missed something. And he was sick too. He had alot of physical ailments and finally after years of running from one DR to the next got into health and reading every health book he could and eventually he started to get better. He was never formally diagnosed with anxiety disorder but may have had it and my uncle suffers from alot of the same problems my Dad used to and it does run in families.
I've rambled enough. Sorry. I understand some of your symptoms I'm having them too.
When you find a DR ask questions. Whatever you don't understand ask. If he/she gives technical name for an ailment ask what it means. Is it serious, benign, does anyone die from these ailments? What exactly does having this ailment mean? Ask why the body might be responding the way it is. What can you do to cure or prevent the ailment or lessen it's effects? ASk about diet, lifestyle changes, vitamins? If they give you a medicine ask about side affects and what you can expect and how much improvement. If there is a low percentage of improvement and lots of side affects ask if there might be another medicine that might be better with fewer side affects and higher %. Also it may sound crazy but if there are things you want to ask the DR and can't remember write it down.
If the DR you go to says you don't need vitamins or minerals of any kind and only wants to hand out addictive pills that you can't stay on for any length of time find another DR. If he doesn't want to even consider there might be benefit in supplements you might want to consider another DR. A good DR will give those pills if need be but only as a last resort.
If the DR uses terminology you don't understand ask him to explain it instead of him saying it's not serious and you go home and start looking on the internet. If the DR doesn't check thyroid or sugar ask him too because both cause palps and a host of other symptoms.
Also try to avoid reading stuff on the internet and saying, "That sounds like my symptoms."
Anyway I hope this helps.

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