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Re: HVS and anxiety
Mar 12, 2003
Finally, I think I have found someone who has the same kind of symptoms I have!!! I don't even know where to begin but here goes... (I will try and not be too long)

For about 2-3 years now, I get a weird feeling in my chest-upper abdomen area (not quite sure where it comes from). It doesn't happen all the time, and it doesn't hurt, but it still scares me. It feels like something has spasmed, or moved, hard to explain, and the degree of feeling varies too. My usual reaction is to cough, don't know why.

Last August, I had a really bad chest cold. Just when I was starting to get better, I had something weird happen. I was sitting in my chair (where I haven't sat since) when it was like my heart or something else pounded hard 4-5 times. There was no pain, but it scared the crap out of me, and then my pulse was racing, and I was so scared. I phoned the hospital, but they didn't seem to concerned, but I went there anyway. They did tests, and said that it was anxiety and prescribed Ativan, and sent me home. I quit smoking right then, and I had also occasionally smoked pot, but stopped then also, and haven't smoked anything ever since. I also don't drink.

Now, I have changed the way I eat in lots of ways, take vitamins all the time, been to the doctor for lots of tests, but I feel so awful every single day. I am so light headed, feel spaced out, just don't feel right. I rarely take the ativan, and when I do it is maybe a quarter of a pil. I still have those weird feelings in my chest, and now it feels heavy or like something is stuck, and I don't feel like I breathe right. My chest is very sore alot in different areas and ways, and I have headaches and tingling at times. Every little feeling in my chest and abdomen scares me, and I hate the feeling like I am losing it. I could go on an on about my symptoms, but I shouldn't. I haven't had a doctor tell me what happened to me in August to put my mind at ease, and I haven't been actually diagnosed with anything at all. I need help, and it is almost impossible to see a good doctor where I live. Any advice would be great.

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