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Well about 15 days ago my Gf got a rash I went online and started looking for reasons and I came across HIV I was like what!!! I literaly got scared through the roof I started feeling tense and started to shake my leg. About five minutes later I left work (called off) and I went to my GF's house. I literaly cried to her on my knees and showed her how scared I was. I never ever ever ever been so scared in my life. So anyways I went to the doctor that day but the doctors said no no no no that cant be HIV but In my mind I thought it was. Anyways we went home and I stressed it for friday and the weekend literaly crying everyday and my hole body started hurting bones crack all the time my muscles hurt, I stoped eating, I lost interest in work, school and my car but not my GF. So monday came and I said theres no excuses im going to take this HIV test . So I did and the very next day they had the results....NEGATIVE. I said thank JESUS. Anyways my body does not return to normal my life is not the same my head still hurts, bones still crack, my muscles still ache. I think I may have Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome. I never ever been so scared in my life. I wake up everyday with burping alot and this has been going on for 15 days. My stomach hurts everytime I finish eating my legs dont stop shaking Im really scared and everytime I get mad I wake up worst. Is this normal will this take off in time . I have no money for the doctor so Im just looking for ways to get out of it. I need help please.

Real men love Jesus.

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