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Well, gosh, when you think of it that way, then I suppose we should all get off all drugs and unnatural substances and cold turkey ALL of our life conditions because of the damage they might could cause.
And while we are on the subject of side effects, herbs
are no safer either.
When was it not too long ago when the world was enthralled with Kava Kava for it's wonderful antidepressant anti anxiety powers and now it's getting pulled off shelves and under hot debate.
Or any of the many many plants that have been brought under scrutiny by the evil FDA over the years due to too many an overdose, death or psychosis.
Heck. I just got this really long warning letter from a friend of mine on the hideous dangers of glucophage
which I take for my low blood sugar that I had long long before I ever knew Xanax existed.
So like with Glucophage and all it's evils my thoughts are this.....we each make our choices for the kind of health we would like to have both short term and long run.
I know for me, the reality of Diabetes is much more of a concern than the side effects of glucophage because I can see the whole genetic syndrome developing in my own body.
When severe organ wrecking death causing Diabetes runs rampant in ones family,the reality of the problem and attendant disease processes really makes one think about the quality of life.
No one else in my family takes Xanax.
So Xanax didn't cause their form of the genetic problem which began with low blood sugar until one day the pancreas wore itself out with all that overproduction of insulin and then poof, that's the day they became diabetics.
All the women in the family all have hypertension.
They don't drink or smoke either.
All the family women wind up with Diabetes and Ovarian cysts and YIPPIE!!! Breast Cancer.
Sometimes, there is no fault.
It's just the way the stars were written.
And for me, knowing the possibilities of my genetic future are enough to lead me to my medication decisions to get the best out of life in the now because tomorrow is a gamble any way one would like to cut it.
It's good to know the pros and the cons.
If we don't know the pros and the cons we will never make informed choices.
And our choices should always be towards the end of betterment for our bodies and our quality of life.

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