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Re: A newbie
Apr 4, 2003
Welcome KMS....I know exactly what you are talking about!! The wonderful feeling of health anxiety :( I have had it for a long time. Though I am ok now and only think about the conditions I actually suffer from I still get the odd feeling of anxiety.
Compared to how it was last year when the attacks were nightly and they came hard and lasted long...before I started taking Ativan for them an attack lasted a few hours before it let up.
I got so I knew the nightly pattern and the time they always started for some reason they hit between 9pm and 11pm everynight. Even knowing this I couldnt stop them. Every attack started differently anything from an overwhelming feeling of sadness that came out of no where to an upset stomach after a snack. I remember the very first one I ever got it was in the summer, very nice night with a little breeze. I was watching a movie on TV The Wizard of Oz of all things lol. I was eating something I cant remember what but my stomach started to feel a bit upset so I grabbed some Tums. The pain moved to the left side of my chest just below the collerbone at the top of my breast. I started to feel closed in like I couldnt breathe and my hands got cold and clammy but I was sweating. I got a burning feeling like a lump in my throat and right away I thought "heart attack" like most people think thier first time. I went to the Er as I am lucky enough to live right across the street from the hospital. I explained to them how I felt and I waited 4 hours to be seen by a doctor even after they did a quick ECG and found a "little" abnormality in my heart rythem which scared me even more. By this time everything was burning my stomach, my throat my head hurt, the shakes I thought I was dying. The Doc came in and told me to swallow this liquid stuff he told me it would "freeze" my throat stomach and esothogus. So I drank it and almost immediatley the pain in my chest and the burning went away. What a relief!!! :) They kept me overnight and did a blood test to be sure it wasnt my heart. They took blood and 6 hours later they took more and it was all fine they said the abnormal thing on my ECG was probably a small movement I made. My Diagnosis was GERD from 10 years of NSAID use for the chronic TMJD I suffer from and a panic attack...That was the worst night of my life and the scariest. The stomach pain lasted for days after untill the treatment with Losec kicked in.
Thats when the attacks started nightly was after that night. I was given Ativan and told to take 1mg twice a day as a preventitive measure BUT I didnt want to add this drug to my list of pain meds and Losec I was taking for another condition. So I started taking it ONLY when I felt an attack coming on and I found it to be a wonderful drug in stopping the attack from progressing. I took half a pill when I felt it coming and I called my mother or a friend and talked to them untill it passed usually about 10 to 15 mins. And if a half didnt stop it I would take the other half after 5 mins and it worked!! These daily ones went on for about 6 months and then they started coming only twice a week or so and gradually less and less. I havent had an attack for about 6 months now :) but I know for a fact I am not "cured" and I still have my Ativan on hand. Just having them in the house as what I call my "security blanket" helps alot. If I feel even remotley like an attack is coming I take a half I dont wait to make sure its indigestion I take it and it works. I still worry alot about my heath since I do have a few legitimate health problems TMJD, multiple cysts on my ovary, and Renal Ptosis ( floating kidney ). But every twinge of pain I get thats not related to my conditions I have already...I have myself thinking I have something new and scare myself again it never fails lol. So after all this typing and rambling on here...I hope you see your not alone :). I hope you will keep us all updated and you will get the support you need here..we have all been there. Take care of yourself and God Bless.

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