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For Lexapro users.
Mar 19, 2003
Hi Guys, Please tell me if you've experienced anything like this?

Lexapro 20mg a day
1st week - small side effects
2nd week - no side effects
3rd - 4th week - No stress AT ALL - feel great!!!!!

2nd month - things level out at about a 70% reduction in overall stress.

3rd month - still level at 70%

4th month - more stress starting to return increase dose to 30 mg a day

5th (current month) stress becomming more intense almost as if not on meds at all.

*** I know this is a newer drug, and I am wondering if it has just stopped working for others also?***

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I Have Been On Lexapro For For About 4 Months. I Am Really Having Trouble Sleeping. My Dr. Also Gave Me Ativan To Take Up To 2 Times. I Take One Ativan In Am And Then If I Take It In The Evening, I Sometimes Get Out Of Bed And Do Odd Things. So I Have Stopped Taking The Pm Ativan. But Sometimes I Only Sleep A Total Of 4 Hours A Nite With Frequent Awakenings. Anyone Have Any Advice On This, I Would Surely Appreciate Hearing From You. Thanks!!
I am taking 10mg of Lexapro for a little over 3 weeks now, and I am not sure If it is helping or not? How long should I give it to work????
Lexapro totally killed my sleep. Could not keep taking it.

I was on it for 6.5 weeks and, like the original poster, it backfired and caused horrible anxiety. Quit cold turkey and within 2 days, was bearable again.
I've been on lexapro for 9 months has been working fairly well...the only side effects that I experience is a lower sex drive, and weight gain. But I am going to the doctor tomorrow to see if she can switch me to something else. (the weight gain is too much)
hi I take ten mg of lexapro a day for vertigo it helps take away my balance and vision problems it makes me sleep in to much.
Oh my- I am on my 5th week and feeling great!!! Like you were. I hope this does not happen to me- but, I have done much research on lexapro and see that it is common what it is doing to you know.
Good luck!Caytie
My Lexapro works wonderfully except around that time of the month..the anxiety comes back... but before the lexapro, my depression and anxiety were 24/7.

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