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First, I'll disclose that I've been to an M.D. for an exam. Second, I'll tell you that he feels it's anxiety-related; which I don't disagree with. However, I feel as though there is more to the story and he's not fully correlating all of what I'm telling him.

About 3 1/2 years ago, I did a very fast taper from 0.5 mg of daily Klonopin. It was traumatic and a prolonged withdrawal. Hospitalized (self-admission, ambulatory) a few times for palpitations, tachycardia, chills, and so forth during the worst of it. Those near-term withdrawal symptoms are gone, but I'm left with some bizarre symptoms and a lack of definitive answers.

For the past year, I feel like I'm partially back in acute withdrawal -- except the palpitations and crippling anxiety aren't there 24x7. And I get these windows where I feel fine for several days, and then I'm back into this awful feeling.

I vibrate internally, my hands have fine tremors, and I feel as though electric shocks are going through my core body deep within. I have problems with slow heart and then fast heart rate. After I eat, I will always get a heart rate that goes from 60 (normal for me) up to 95-100. My BP increases dramatically - more than I would think just for eating. When I sleep, I wake up most night several times and feel like I'm vibrating again. I've got this tension I can't shake.

I've been to an allergist and I seemingly have food allergies, but I do try to avoid those foods.

I *rarely* get headaches. I try to eat properly. I do consume coffee and some sweets. I am height-weight proportionate. My thyroid is apparently fine. I've been tested for carcinoid and pheochromocytoma -- negative. I do have BP swings, but no long-term effects of hypertension are noticeable -- especially in my eyes.

B vitamins really drive my anxiety up. So does vitamin D. Other vitamins do not have this effect. (I've stopped taking supplements anyway, since I've read they supposedly do more harm than good.)

I'm just worn out from having these extended periods of feeling awful with no clue. I'm reluctant to accept things like Lyme disease, heavy metals, or food issues. But I'm willing to accept a diagnosis of anxiety if it truly is. I just don't feel as though it's that simple. Maybe it's PTSD from my benzo withdrawal? Nevertheless, the reactions I get to foods are what really puzzle me. Perhaps this is all food-related?

Nevertheless, if I can provide more information to clarify anything, I'd be happy to.

Maybe all I need is reassurance. But it's important to understand that I'm not out seeking a disease to fit symptoms that I'm imagining. (So says every other person on the Internet researching why they feel bad.)

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