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Lexapro and alcohol
Apr 14, 2003
has anybody had an andverse effect with lexapro and alcohol? I know very well you're not supposed to drink much on SSRI's, but I was prescribed paxil a year ago for depression and i didn't have any problems while drinking on it. after 5 days of taking lexapro, i binge drank (stupid, i know, college student) and later in the night I felt the worst anxiety/fear ever. The next morning i felt the same but maybe on a lesser scale, then the feeling subsided. But later in the day, I took lexapro, and that wierd anxious feeling came back. I went to the doc he told me to quit lexapro and i decided to go on paxil cr. That made the wierd feeling come back and I quit taking that after i took it about 3 times. Now about 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks later, i still have this wierd pressure inside my head, i get headaches often and i have a small ringing in my ears. I am also a little more irritable. When i drink even a very small amount of alcohol, i become depersonalized, feel sick, my head feels out of control and the headaches increase. It feels like i get drunk fast. If somebody has had a similar experience or knows what is happening, please resopond. Thanks!

PS. After i stopped lexapro the doctor prescibed me ativan to take to counteract discontinuation symptoms of lexapro. He told me to taper it off after a week, which i did. It has now been almost 2 weeks since i have taken a benzo or ssri and i still have wierd symptoms.

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