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Prozac and Anxiety
Apr 12, 2003
I just started Prozac yesterday for anxiety. Has anyone taken this for anxiety and if so did it help? How much were you taking?

I had an apointment with her to check blood pressure. This was not the first visit for that. Anyway, she said to me you know, every time they take your pressure in the hallway it is high, but once you get in this room with me it goes down. why is that? she laughed and made me laugh as well. It was at that very moment I felt like I could tell her the truth.
or at least part.

I told her how at times I have to fight for breath. that is about all I managed to get out I think.
the fact is I have to sometimes depending on the situation, I have to fight for breath, my heart beats faster, (sometimes feels like it is being torn out of my chest) and I start to get hot and flushed.
She noticed that I was flushed by the time I was leaving her office.
I like the fact that I am getting comfortable with her. At least I was that day more so then any other day.
I go back to see her in 3 months.
Please post and let me know how prozac may have helped you.
thanks for your time.

ps I posted this on the depression board first but thought it would do better posted on this board.

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