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Hello all,

wanted to see if anyone is taking Lexapro for anxiety and what your experiences with the medication have been.

I personally have been on 10 mg for 4 weeks and it is for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Initially the medication made me worse. I had panic attacks frequently. I wanted to get off it because of it but I stuck it out and now there are no panic attacks. I now feel very unmotivated and tired all the time. But prefer that to anxiety any day. The other major draw back is Im hearing rapid weight gain. That scares me.

If anyone has experience with Lexapro, I'd love to hear about it :) Thanks
Thanks for your response. It is a good drug from what I can tell so far but I do feel like it's making me very unmotivated and slightly more socially anxious than usual.

I am tired of taking benzos for panic and anxiety because I feel like a drug addict, the way they treat you at the pharmacy alone is bad enough. I can never fill Xanax even a day before the 30 days are up. So I thought I'd give Lexapro a chance. I need to give it a fair chance. I tend to give up on meds (celexa, zoloft, cymbalta....etc) right away from the crappy side effects.

Sorry to ramble. I am pleased to an extent with the lexapro but I do not like the fact it occasionally makes me more anxious. Kind of defeats the purpose:)

When you were on Lexapro, was it just lexapro or with another med?

Lexaopro made me feel unmotivated and tired also, but it took away my panic attacks which for me was way more important than the side affects. I switched to Zoloft just to see if it wouldn't make me as tired, but I still am. The only difference I noticed was a decrease in appetite in Zoloft. They both work extremely well for my panic attacks.

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