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Re: Does any one???
Apr 26, 2003
Hey you....

I've been there. I'm still there at times. I'm going through a Zoloft withdrawl right now - URGH!!! And you talked about weight gain; well my friend, I'm battling with that too. It's hard, and no one ever said it's going to be easy. Doctors will try out different meds on you until they're blue in the face, but do they ever give you natural advice? Nope. I guess that's why there are amazing boards like this to help you through your tough times... I've been working on this system which I started three weeks before I went off the Zoloft, and it's really been helping. (I'm almost 2 weeks away from the meds cold turkey) I've posted this list in other forums, but I think some of these tips could really help you.

Lots of herbal teas... I'm stuck on chamomile. It's very calming. I don't use sugar in my herbal teas, often the natural taste is just right.

Warm milk with a tea spoon of honey (I discovered this one last night) It's YuMMy, and it's so comfy.

Lots of stretching, especially first thing in the morning. It warms up your muscles,and gets the blood circulating through your body. Roll your head around too, this ensures good blood circulation to your brain.

Try out some yoga - I don't mean go to a class (but hey if you time - great) Anything can be yoga as far as I'm concerned; as long as your focusing 100% on the move you're doing.

I have a dog and 3 cats. Walking my dog gets me out there. It's theraputic to see strangers in their gardens, people washing their cars...even if it's just in passing.

I just bought a hibiscus plant, they grow into beautiful trees, having plants around the hosue produce positive energy - same with candles!!

Sex relieves alot stress too.

Make sure you have a good support group. Tell the people whom you love what you're going through. This way, you'll have the freedom to pick up the phone and call someone ...just to talk.

Warm baths!!! I think you basically get the idea, pamper yourself- you deserve it!!

One thing that I read on here (someone who also suffered from anxiety) "my soul is not in danger because my soul is everlasting"

Even though anxiety can be very physical (believe me, I know the feeling) Deep down, you're okay!!! You're okay, simply because you recognize what's going on with you. That is one HUGE step in the right direction.

Even though it's sounds like you're in somewhat of confused stage, next comes the management stage..and then, the CONQUERING stage. Eventually, you will be more powerful then your anxiety - and won't that be the greatest??

It's hard to think in terms of stepping stones I know. However, those little steps are essential in getting through this.

I went to this workshop one time. It was through my work, but it was called 'Stress Mastery'. Millions of people can say they are or have been stressed at one time - but do we really know what stress is?? This is how it was defined in that day - rung true to me. "Stress is the gap we feel in between what's happening to us now, and how we ultimately want things to be" Hoping that one morning, everything will different, is an unrealistic viewpoint. If anything, that just adds more stress. We have to take those little steps.

One step in the right direction provides boundless motivation to move to the next.

The more you do, the more you CAN do!!!

Don't worry sweetie - you're okay!!! If you don't feel that way right now, you will.

I'm here for you!!!



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