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There are many that have taken Paxil with excellent results (Ricky Williams), and others, like me that have taken it and will never even think of taking it again- I'd rather live in a constant state of panic than be brain dead from Paxil. My experience with it was awful- night sweats and leg cramps, dizziness, lips numb, face numb, brain dead feeling, sexual side effects, etc. Go through that for 4 weeks to "see if it works", NO THANKS. It is a load of S***T and hasnt been tested enough in my book. Oh- yeah; the manufacturer says it is not addictive. HEH- too many horror stories about withdrawals to believe that, AGAIN- IMHO. Make your own judgments :)

On the other hand, other SSRI's, like Prozac for example, are more proven. Prozac has been around for almost 20 years, not long in the grand scheme of things, but still longer than the rest, and has worked for millions of people for hundreds of "issues". As a matter of fact, the withdrawal from Paxil can be so bad that sometimes a doctor prescribes Prozac to help you get off of it. I took it for 5 days and had mild withdrawal symptoms. Why not just prescribe Prozac to begin with? Is there a money issue involved in regards to doctors pushing Paxil? I'd bet there is..for all the drugs, but Paxil seems to be the new "ssri of choice" if you will. I have been taking a small dose of Prozac for OCD issues for a couple of weeks, and literally have had only one side effect- some nervousness. Nothing else. Is it uncomfortable? SUre, but no more than my usual anxiety :p. I can see a difference and it has been less than 3 weeks. PLUS- There is a "generic" prozac (fluoxetine) now- if cost is an issue for you- for my insurance Paxil costs 30 dollars more than the Prozac Generic PER MONTH. Thats a lot of dough.

There is no miracle pill. Counseling and a medication if needed are truly the best way. It gives you a chance to learn new coping techniques (at least a good counselor does), at the same time the med is "lessening" your symptoms. Much like the experience of your friend when she kicked teh worry habit (not forever). That is truly what the medications are for.

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