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I'm 20 years old and when I was little I didn't have problems answering the phone or making phone calls but I started to get a lot of bad feed back like my sister's and my dad's friends would make fun of me because I was little and my sister was a teenager so she would always get upset, as I grew older my friends would call me and it would be ok but since then I feel too anxious to make any phone calls I just can't I feel like I'm not going to be able to handle a conversation and now it's gotten worst over the years I get in trouble for not calling my friends for always avoiding calling them or answering their phone calls. What is making this problem worst now is that I have an accent and most people even in my school that are foreign tell me they can't understand what I'm saying at times and when they call me it gets worst because not only am I not being able to handle and control myself over the phone because of the anxiety I feel but I feel like I won't be able to handle it! to make things worst I have very low self-steem now and what affects me too is that even thought I'm from Mexico City my grandmother was born in Lebanon so I look middle eastern my dad looks a bit middle eastern but now as much as I do and my sister well she's my step sister so she doesn't look middle eastern at all! I feel discriminated by people and afraid to socialize what so ever! to top it all off I have a birth mark in my forhead so people are always saying that I look Hindu and that pisses me off because nobody likes me and the ones that do like me and get close to me and want to be friends with me I can't call!!! please help me out! before I do something stupid! and try to end all this problem some other way because I feel like the biggest misfit ever!

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