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Gregula - Good luck. I'm glad the paxil is working some.

Windtrooper - I don't have many physiological symptoms unless you count loss of sleep and constant motion. I don't have headaches, stomach problems, heart trouble or anything like that. Well I suppose I have some type of skin rash that I can feel brewing while under stress. The next day, the rash will break. I quickly put this hydrocortisone stuff on it, and then it disappears fairly quick.

Lovebug - Your post didn't in any offend me. I was trying to figure out what could have been offensive about it. Feel free to be yourself here. You are in company with some people who are as worried about offending you as you are about offending us. Examples: I hope that I didn't offend anyone by making a general statement on how you might feel when I don't know how you really feel. I hope I didn't offend anybody that I wrote to Lovebug, Windtrooper and Gregula and not you personally. I meant it for all, just trying to respond individually. Don't mean to be exclusionary... Oh my! Forgive me! Oh, in case you are not worried about offending us, I am sorry that I took liberty in assuming that you would be worried about being offended. Are you now offended? Should I post this? Oh what the heck...

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