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Re: XANAX users.
May 23, 2003
Hi Annie, I have had the same general internist for 25 years, he has given me xanax for all these years. When I first started taking them at 21, I was having really severe panic attacks. I got through them with xanax and don't have them any more.
Then I just had really bad Generalized anxiety and did not want to take MAOI's the thing about the food interactions freaked me out! So xanax was the key....
When they started coming out with good SSRI's it kept my anxiety at bay, but caused weight gain!!!
I am hoping lexapro will not.....
So before I started on the latest SSRI , I was having to take 2 or 3 pink xanax a day. Now I am back to one at night. It is easy when I am on SSRI's no noticeable
withdrawl. I am sure if I quit cold turkey I would get sick, but why would I do that. I did get off xanax myself when I was 25 for 2 years to get pregnant with my took about one year to taper off really slowly and feel alright. After I had my son I started taking xanax again.
As far as a cognitive loss, I can't tell what's being 45 and what might be from xanax. I can say my life would have been hell 24/7 without xanax.
I gets it's a personal choice, but for me there has never been a question.....

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