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Re: XANAX users.
May 22, 2003

I hear you. Your story is so common, as you know. If it didn't happen to me too, I probably would have assumed it was the person's fault too... personally, I was a victim of a codiene reaction, which was denied by doctors...thus begun the much worse benzo I am proof that a person who never had anxiety, sleep, mood, drug or alcohol problems for over 40 years of life can still be harmed by these drugs!

Sorry hry33, but although psychological addiction is a possiblity of benzo use, the real problem is the physical addiction; the body and brain react with a variety of symptoms....a placebo wouldn't be able to touch those symptoms.


Yes, your doctor is full of it. Xanax is more addictive than Valium, since it is more potent. For example, 1 mg. Xanax= 20 mgs. Valium. But it has a shorter half-life than Valium, doesn't last as long. Valium is good for tapering because it comes in smaller dose can get a 3 mg. pill of Valium and cut it easily down to 1 mg...which would be pretty hard to do with would be hard to cut a 1mg. Xanax into 20 pieces!

And antidepressants suck it too.

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