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Re: XANAX users.
May 22, 2003
[quote]Originally posted by annieof5:
[b]Nickey I appreciate your input, but you did misunderstand me and did seemed a bit critical.

I am in withdrawal now and that is when i "pop a pill" when my symptoms become so severe I can't cope. I'm lowering my dosage slowly and some days are harder then others.

I was on a theraputic dose for about 4 years and never just "popped them" to feel good. I had a disabling phobia and panic when I started them.

I do agree with the issue though of long-term use. They shouldn't be used for that and now I know it.

There is a whole study by a Dr. Heather Ashton who has helped many people withdraw from Benzo's using Valium. For some it did take as long as a year to slowly taper and withdraw to minimize the symptoms. Everyones experience is different. [/b][/quote]

Please don't think I was being critical to denigrate you- I wasn't. The reason I may have come off that way is because I have had a B***H of a time getting a benzo perscription from my doctor, and have suffered through 6 months of SSRI crap, when I knew all along that benzos like XANAX and Valium do the trick FOR ME. It's just the "pop a pill" business is the reason WHY Doctors today seem dead set against benzos, and its BS. SSRI'S are not supposed to be given for 10+ years, but they are- no one complains about that. I understand TOTALLY the reason why you take XANAX, after all, I take have a prescription for it too, and am posting on this anxiety board.

Have you tried tapering with a pill cutter? I mean gradually bringing yourself off of it with tinier and tinier pieces. Like 1 pill, then 3/4 for a time, then, 1/2, etc.?

That is really interesting about the Valium study. I'll have to look it up. I for one think Valium is the BEST SINGLE drug for anxiety, but some Doctors think its crack in a pill. Funny, my Doctor was actually CONVINCED that XANAX was MUCH easier to quit than Valium. She's full of s**t in my opinion, they both can be equally as addictive, but at least she finally gave me something that worked. BUT, the thing about Valium is that it takes MORE pills to do the same thing that one little XANAX would do. Thats why the pill cutter may be the best way to get off of it.

I wish you the best of luck, and have the utmost confidence that you will be eventually free of medication :)

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