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I think they should make a XANAX MESSAGE BOARD on this site. This is really getting stressfull. Xanax as an emergency situiation requires or regular dose as a last resort. Xanax only if condition out weights side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Everyone is different and some say they are not addicted and they are lucky I guess. Ask yourself, Do you feel lucky? If condition warrants then try to get Klonopin first becuase after being on xanax on a regular dosage for a long time it is hard to switch if you even can and it is a better and longer lasting drug. If xanax is the only answer to stop your attacks then you have little choice. There is nothing stronger for stopping attacks except more Xanax. Emergencies only and a last resort. One more thing that I must stress from experience. Do not take sezone with xanax, it increases the effects of xanax 2 to 3 times. If you are on serzone and xanax regularly it is okay but be aware if you go off serzone at the half-life rate of it, you will be going off the xanax level at the same time and its half-life is a fifth of serzone. Being totally disabled from this I pretty much know what I am talking about and I really don't care what any Doctor or Research Center has to say on this subject. Just be carefull and know your our drugs better then the person giving them to you. You must become the expert. Think I'll quit for the night and go have a panic attack, take a xanax and have some side effects. I don't mean to be mean, just concerned for you all. Friends we be

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