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Well, I've heard of plenty people with health problems after benzo use. Really, do you think they post the cases weekly in the newspaper? Do you think a doctor would even admit a drug he prescribes could cause health problems? No, best to report it as chance or life and continue the prescribing.

There is boatloads of research out on the net if one would only look. The research of Professor Ashton and others like her has been going on since the '80's. I posted a tidbit of research below regarding some common effects of benzodiazepines, but it is only the tip of the iceburg. The rest is out there on the internet for anyone interested...

"Studies with benzodiazepines have shown that most compounds impair memory, as measured on a wide range of tests of verbal, visual and number recall, produce forgetfulness and impaired recognition of pictures and events and characteristically disrupt the process by which subjects intentionally try to retrieve information from their memories. A review (Wittenbom, 1988) of 12 different benzodiazepines assessed in 109 controlled instances showed statistically significant drug related impairment, on average, 82% of the times tested. Flurazepam produced a significant impairment 83% of the time.

In long term clinical use benzodiazepines have commonly been associated with numerous side effects (taken from manufactures data sheets late 1970s) including daytime drowsiness, sedation (a sort of sleepiness and detachment from the real world), unsteadiness, ataxia (loss of muscular coordination), lightheadedness, irritability, increased emotionality, visual disturbances, sleep disturbance, nervousness, dizziness, reduced alertness, headache and abnormal or uncharacteristic psychological reactions. More rarely, benzodiazepines have been associated with aggressive outbursts, confusion, excitement, psychotic manifestations, depression and suicidal tendencies.

The likelihood and the frequency and severity of these side effects will increase as the dose of the benzodiazepine and the duration of its use are increased.

Clinical Trials: Drug regulatory agencies demand of manufacturers that they record the effects of benzodiazepines in a clinical context. This is often done using unstructured questionnaires and subjective impressions. They are, however, important sources of information as records of what happens in the real world when typical patients take typical dose regimens for typical lengths of time. Some of the earliest studies in the 1960s (Essig, 1966) reported various behavioural toxicities including disorientation, confusion, memory impairment, trance-like episodes, double-vision, impaired arithmetic abilities and rage reaction following benzodiazepines".

Some extensive research connecting benzodiazepines to such things as mania, rage, depression, tinnitus are also available.

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