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I feel your pain. I was on Paxil for 8 months and it was the most miserable time of my life. Everytime I tried to get off of it, i sufferend serious side effects. Finally my doctor switched me to lexapro, that did absoultly nothing and from the meds i gained so much weight it made me fall deeper into depression and made my anxiety even worse. He then put me on effexor, he told me this would be best....phhhhhh what do doctors know. On that med, i got so stomach sick i couldnt eat for days. Went back to the doctor and he tried zoloft, that did again nothing for me. I realized then that changing my life and my mind was the only thing to cure depression and anxiety. I have been clean of all meds for 5 months and let me tell you it is hard, and some days i know if i take a pill i will feel semi-better but if i dont continue to take a pill i will have horrible withdrawl symptoms. I am
still working on helping myself. Speaking from my stand point i would say cut off the meds slowly and discover yourself again. when you get anxious go for a walk, exercise makes you feel great. Eat healthy and change your mind set. I know easier said than done, but finally i am starting to feel like myself again and trying to work off the weight i gained on the meds. There is no quick easy answer though, all meds work on people differntly. For me taking a pill everyday to keep myself sane was not an option and i have to keep telling myself, i will win this battle and still have my life after wards. Good Luck!!!

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