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Anxiety ?
Jun 13, 2003
Hi Long post Sorry
I started in 8/02 with a stomach ulcer (went on prilosec) within two week, I had a "attack" (throbing in the right temple and a visual aura w/no real headache)just after it, I was quite tired. I had a collection of fluid (or some feel was imflamation) on my right temple, and was left off balance, funy thing is when I put pressure on my right temple I could feel my left ear close. By 9/02 Ihad a OE in the left ear and a OM in the right ear. I had alot of ear fullness and ringing.By oct./02 My stomach was getting worse, I had brain fog (knew where I was but didn't feel I was there. By dec./02 I always felt like I was going to faint, I was having alot of anxiety attacks my stomach was killing me (gastrits and duodenitis) and I had some bad haedaches, Muscle and joint pain and eye pressure and socket pain. By Jan/03 I had been through alot ENT & balance test, all can back normal. I started to question the prilosec and quit the pill. It was a slow process, but within 3 weeks of stopping the meds, my temple began to feel normal (It was feeling larger than the other side)and the ear fullness went away, then within two month my stomach started to heel. Anyway my doc thinks stress and I agree I have stress now, but it from the winter from hell that I had, not the original cause. I am left now with I balance problem while standing (feeling) like I'm on a boat), ringing mainly in the left ear, and when I block my nose and blow my right fills up normal but my left fills slower and it feels wet, even though the ENT says the tube is clear and no fluid. The other night I blocked my nose and blew,when I stopped the right ear empty right away, and the left sounded like a tire with a leak in it. One other crazy thing, sometimes when I eat, as soon as food touches my tongue (SP?) I get ringing or a little fullness. Not as much now, but still happens once and a while. I also have soar lower leg muscles which I assume is caused from my balance problem.
Thanks for putting up with the long post, any help would be appreciated. Bob

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