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Hi there -
I am currently on a cocktail of antidepressants for my depression and have been on Klonopin for 5 yrs. Doses changing every now and them depending on how I'm doing. The max I've been at (and for the past two months because I'm going through a lot of horrible stuff) is two 1mgs during the day as needed and two 1mgs at night for sleep. I felt as though the Klonopin "hit a wall" like a lot of meds do and wasn't helping with my panicky feelings during the day. So he just switched me straight over to two 1mg Ativan during the day as needed to two 1mg Ativan for sleep. Same dosing schedule but different benzo. Really didn't have any questions about any withdrawl because a benzo is a benzo yes?? I mean I know Klonopin is meant to be like an extended release while the Ativan comes in quicker but then leaves just as fast. This was Wednesday. Wednesday night I had trouble staying asleep but I figured that for the first night. But in the past couple days, I've been having body jerks, teeth clenching, and the trembling and shakiness on the inside. And I specifically remember that shakiness on the inside when I came off Xanax one time. This why I'm wondering if I'm going through Klonopin WD???

Please help. I'm not sleeping and I don't know if should double up on the Ativan when I feel I need it until I can get to my doctor this week. Or what??

It's an awful awful feeling.

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