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For a therapist to say that its because thats how your mother was is a very simplistic and not very well thought out answer. Can you pinpoint what the anxiety is about - the initial anxiety - you said "last year, after years of anxiety" - anxiety about what ?

It sounds very much like separation anxiety. Very much. Good news is that there are counselors who have expertise in this. Its very common. Our dog has it pretty bad. (not comparing you to our dog:)- whenever we leave, she gets really upset if she is inside. If outside - she is fine. Its the fear of abandonment - dont leave me. I am guessing that either your mother left you alone when you were a child or maybe something traumatic happened to you which made you feel alone and isolated ?

therapy can definitely help. thats probably the best treatment. Use the meds if they help - only if they help. I dont think you have OCD. Doesnt fit what you decribe. for anxiety/panic attacks - the best thing to do is deep breathing. In thru the nose and out thru the mouth. - try it for just a few minutes at a time. The best medication for anxiety is usually xanax or lorazepam. they both work about the same for me. I take 0.25 mg. Just a small dose is best to start off. You can always increase if it doesnt seem to work. Better to start with a small dose. I have a friend who takes buspar every morning and she swears by it. If something is giving you bad side effects - try taking it at night and see if that helps. typically for me, the xanax and lorazepam make me drowsy for a few hours.

Please try counseling. Read up on separation anxiety so you are more aware of what you are dealing with. Find a "safe place" in your home where you can go and sit and relax and do deep breathing for a few minutes. Other things that can help you relax - a warm bath with soft music and maybe candles, yoga, herbal tea, massage.

Make your home as peaceful as possible - whatever that looks like for you. When you find your thoughts ruminating about loved ones dying - distract yourself. Or even say out loud - i choose not to think about this and not to focus on it or give it energy. Hope this helps !

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