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It is extremely unlikely that metformin is causing your anxiety, via hypoglycemia or in any other way. In fact, metformin is known for sometimes having an anti-depressant effect, although this might be due to a positive mental reaction to improved sugar control.

One of the advantages of metformin is that it cannot, except perhaps in very rare cases, cause hyopglycemia in someone who isn't already taking either insulin or an insulin-inducing diabetes medication. This is because it doesn't increase the amount of insulin, but rather improves how the body uses it. Except for some people who have kidney disease, metformin is a very safe medication. But it's a good idea to supplement with vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid while you're taking it, since it can reduce absorption of those nutrients, which are important in many aspects of health.

I am not diabetic but I am glucose impaired, and I take metformin both to help prevent diabetes and because it does so much to help me keep the pounds off. I only take 1000mg a day, but it definitely helps. I have Social Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety (for which I take medication), and metformin certainly has had no negative impact on my anxiety treatment.

Your doctor is not trying to hide anything from you. Metformin is often given for PCOS with great results. If you are concerned about possible hypoglycemia, buy or borrow a glucose meter and measure your blood sugar next time you feel anxious at home.

And by all means, if the anxiety continues, seek treatment, preferably from a psychiatrist (or start with a counselor or psychologist).


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