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Well where to start. This goes back about 3 months when I had a bit to much to drink one night and don't remember anything. The next morning I had a horrible hangover (Probably the worst I've ever had). I worried a bit that morning being I felt so terrible. The next morning not much had changed. The hangover nausea symptoms had stopped but I continued to have a drunk dizziness sensation. After about 5 days I started worrying more. I was scared it would never go away. I then had about a week when I felt completely normal. I went to a follow up doctors appt and told him my problem had been fixed. Shortly after It started again. And well basically its been off and on ever since. It seems to get worse as I worry. I have been to about 8 doctors appointments total, even an MRI. All of my bloodwork came back 100% normal and my MRI was perfect and they said I had a healthy brain. It would then come and go ever since. Recently it is to the point I can hardly handle it. It does get worse when I think about it more. Im prescribed xanax and take it at night to calm me down. Most nights after a full nights rest I wake up and STILL feel SO tired. It goes away sometimes while I'm working out, running, or really engaged in a conversation or something else. My doctor recently prescribed me lexapro. I haven't started taking it yet but I am in the next few days. Has anyone had anything like this? I have been through just about everything. The doctor thought I had vertigo and after going to my physical therapist and getting a few tests done she didn't believe that I have it. After reading these posts and going through many things I feel my problem may be anxiety. I have always been a BIG worrier but never to the point where it altered my day. I literally don't want to go out in public or with friends anywhere because I feel ill get dizzy and have this drunk like dream feeling. Its absolutely horrible. I have tried not to worry about it but its to the point where when you have thought about something for 3 months straight on and off that its very hard to wakeup and my first thought not be "Am I back to normal". If anyone could give there input I would greatly appreciate it. This has been such an issue for me and I just won't to get the problem solved.


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