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hello to all. im new here on the boards but have already been finding it to be an invaluable resource.

recently i started having panic attacks. i had 4 within the span of a day and one a few days later. i was surprised to have these, as i had one back in 1998 but have since then been on paxil for depression and i hear it is also good for panic disorder.

since these attacks tapered off, i have since been having migraines. is this a common post-panic attack symptom or result? i have had pretty bad migraines in the past but never alongside a panic episode, so i have been having a million sensations and symptoms almost too numerous to name!

my migraines began to wear off yesterday afternoon but i am still having headaches. with this, i am noticing that my vision is a little blurry (not the kind you can rub away by rubbing your eyes), ive had some tightness in the muscles of head and face (and some scalp tingling), and little patches of numbness in my hands and feet. my temples still feel as flared as they did when i had full blown migraine, but i dont have the aura sensation of the migraine i had for the past few days. i dont quite have mental confusion, but i feel like im forgetting simple words when i talk. im also have leg aches and neck pain quite a bit.

i work a stressful job and have gone through many life changes this year (divorce, surgery, preparing to sell my house, being sick on and off and missing work... stress and stress and stress). i suffered from depression and fibromyalgia for years but after my surgery i was feeling better than ever... guess the stress got the best of me... but im wondering if my symptoms are normal for panic and migraine. i have dealt with pain over the years but was lucky to have a few months where i was feeling my best ever physically so it's been another whirlwind suddenly feeling so awful and anxious about my ailments.

i am 26 and feeling out of it... im really concerned some of the symptoms are just aggravated by my heightened awareness of other symptoms. but also concerned something else is wrong. ive had cat scans, mris and every blood test, etc. from the time when i was being diagnosed with fibomyalgia and i guess im just worried to have to start the hunt all over again. doctors make me feel more crazy sometimes and it would be good to find someone who can listen and not make me feel like a total hypochondriac!

today im having some tingling but im feeling "euphoric". yesterday my head hurt bad and i slept a lot. and now i feel like i have too much energy. i dont even know where to start if i get back on the bandwagon of going to tons of doctors to start ruling out stuff... it makes me even more stressed out just thinking about it!!

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