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[QUOTE=lynnegbfan1]I visited both my dentist and Dr for a sore throat on my left side that lasted over a month. They found nothing wrong. Next came earache, then a swollen tragmus, to where I couldn't touch the side of my face. The tension in my neck and shoulders was beyond belief . Returning again to my dentist he decided to x-ray my jaw and found it was teeth grinding on my right that had put the left side under all the pressure and everywhere was inflamed![/QUOTE]
That's exactly what mine was & is, the anxiety/stress that we suffer can cause so many physical side affects that we don't realize. I have had to very conciously think about it so I don't clench my teeth when upset. It has helped a lot & the pain is gone for the most part, til I slip & do it again without realizing it. Mine actually made my lip numb on that side too, plus the pain would shoot up to my eye on that side. I would say to anyone that is experiencing one sided pain in neck, face, ear etc. it probably is from the teeth grinding & clenching, seems we do it on only one side & usually the same side all the time.

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