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Hi Eric,

Sorry I did not reply sooner, I was out of town. Somehow I managed to go to Québec City for the weekend, 4 hours away. I had many "attacks" in the car.

I feel exactly like you when you say you're 27 and you feel like your life is ending. I still can't believe this is happening to me. I'm 26, I had a baby last year,we bought a house and we're moving this weekend + I'm getting married in September. And I have to do all these wonderful things feeling so awful.

Yes, I was an anxious person before all of this started but I never had panic attacks. My anxiety helped me to be hypersuccessful in school + work. Now I feel it is my worst ennemy. Are you taking anxiety/depression medication? I'm currently taking Paxil and Remeron but I do not feel it is helping me that much. I can still cry hours in a day and have panic attacks. I've been taking it for 2 months now. I have clonezapam for the panic attacks but I'm trying not to take it as it is supposed to be addictive. Sometimes, after I take it, I feel so good! So this tells me that anxiety plays a role. Other times, it does nothing.

My neck, shoulders and back feel very stiff sometimes. I almost feel paralysed. My ears always feel clogged. What about you? I'm dizzy 24/7, I have such difficulty focussing on things. Just reading these boards can sometimes be so difficult! The feeling that I'm about to pass out is so scary. I'm still not used to it. I have moments where I feel better than others but nothing great.

Do you get chest pains? I got them yesterday and wondered if that could also be anxiety related. It felt tight and then would be ok for a couple minutes, then would tighten up.

As far as the docs, yes I've seen many. I've had ECG, CT scans, hearing tests and blood tests which were all fine. My doctor thinks I initially had labyrinthitis and that now I've got anxiety. I know there's something more than anxiety.... The ENT doctor I saw was such an idiot. He said he is almost sure my problem isn't inner ear related. I had the feeling he did not know much about inner ear disorders. Finally, I am seeing a neurologist on Thursday and have an ENG in September.

I am so scared that I have something serious. I was reading other posts on the inner ear boards and started freeking out. Someone was saying that they were diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo and that it could put a person more at risk for a stroke. And then IRobertson mentioned a pinched artery, that sounds so serious!!!

IRobertson, if you are there, how does that make you feel? I think that it could help you put your mind at ease if you took the ENG.

Anyways, I find myself imaginating the worst possible scenarios and I start to panic again. Do you have that problem? What do your doctors think your problem is?

Are we ever going to live dizzy free, anxiety free lives?

Talk to you soon and take care.


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