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i am 23 years old, just abotu a year ago i was involved in a very stressful lifestyle, since then i have left the lifestyle completly behind, but it left me with a horrible anxiety problem, i had 2 full blown panic attacks at teh first, i tried lexapro, etc..all the meds seem to do was make me mroe nervous, eventually through prayer and reading the bible i was able to get calmed down and feel much better, i make it ok now and i am no meds whatsoever, but about once a month i alwayts get the old' knot in my throat , it feels like an air bubble caught in my throat, and whenever i calm down it goes right away, at first i thought it was acid relux, but it wasnt, oen day i was reading on the inet and found out anxiety can cause them and it jsut went away, iguess i jsut had to know i asnt dying , i tend to think any little pain is the end for me, i am not really bad about it , but i do obcess over the small tings is there anyoen that can give me any natural remidies for teh knot in the throat...any help at all woudl be greatly appreciated...thanks

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