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I tried Buspar and it did nothing for me at all. So I dont know what that means to you but I thought it was useless. Maybe it will help you. I didnt have any side effects from it so I guess it is worth a try. Good Luck
hi , i have taken almost every AD on the market. prozac,paxil,wellbutin.zoloft,elavil,buspar. the SSR group makes me nusts. i can't sleep am aggitated all the time eat all day and have sooooo much energy that i can't sit still for 5 minutes. buspar i had no side effects to and elavil at 25mg worked for depression and anxiety. they did help me very quickly to feel 100 percent better but also helped me to gain 15 pounds since they peak your appetite for sweets. i have taken klonopin for years whith great results. i also have post traumatic stress so i need an anti-anxiety drug. dr. has prescibed 5mg of lexapro for menopause symptoms. i won't be starting them until next mnday since i have to take prednisone for 24 hours for a test i need done and have diabetes so we know it will create havic with my glucose for a few days. dr. tol me(since i am also every sensitive to these drugs to start the lexapro at 5mg for a week. if ther are no side effects go to 10mg the following week. if i start to have side effects go back to 5mg. he also told me to play with it a little. take it at night, if it keep me up then try it in the morning and take a klonopin at night to aid in sleeping for a while. most of these drugs you have to find the right dosage and time of the day to take. dr. tells me is not not dangerous to play for a little while until you get it right. once you are comfortable and taking it for some time you don't want to just stop without a dr. leading you through it. good luck. i hope i have been of some help.

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