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Hello, everybody!

I have recently been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

I often worry about different things, mostly diseases + I am rarely able to totally relax.

The reason that I went to seek medical help was the fact that I started getting muscle twitches all over my body..My legs and feet (especially the right leg and the right foot) twitch almost constantly. But, the twitching is not restricted to my feet and legs. I also twich in my arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, chest...Name any part of my body - it has twitched (even my private parts...sorry to be graphic). This has been going on for almost a full month now. Beside muscle twitches, I also started getting the "pins & needles" senseation (+ feeling of coldness that usually accompanies the tingling). This happens mostly in my feet, but also elsewhere.

I should mention that all these symptoms developed soon after my grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer and I started worrying about her.

The thing is - these muscle twitches do not seem to be going away. My Dr. says that it is all anxiety-related, but I mostly get them when I am relaxed (even before I fall asleep or while I'm sleeping).

My question is: Does anybody else here experience muscle twitches as a result of their anxiety. I have read a lot about the so-called "Benign Fasciculations Syndrome". It, however, sounds a bit too weird to me that I could develop BFS at the very same time when my anxiety became more pronounced (because of my grandmother's illness).

Any info. or experiences regarding anxiety and muscle twitches will be greatly appreciated.
My main question is: Can anxiety cause your muscles to twitch all over your body even at times when you are resting?

Thank you.

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