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I wasn't here for a few days and look at all these replies.

I agree with Carebear and SlyJohn that chest twitches are the worst. Whenever they happen to me, I feel that my body is decomposing.

Thanks for all the insights, guys. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the twitching problem (Not that I wish these twitches to anyone).

My twitching seems to be getting better and, then, worse, depending on a day (or time of the day). Just when I think they're calming down, various muscles will start twitching uncontrollably. The worst fasciculations are in my right foot. It feels as if I have some bugs under my skin.

I still have hard time believing that all these twitches are caused by my anxiety, especially because they seem to be happening when I'm relaxed (also, they are worst a few days following a good exercise).

I have a feeling that these fasciculations are somehow triggered by anxiety and, once here, they become independent from stress, nervousness, anxiety and start acting on their own.

I started seeing a psychologist for my generalized anxiety, but I am in a very serious doubt that he'll be able to help me with these twitches...Oh, well,...At least my anxiety might improve...

I've read on BFS and it says everywhere that doctors don't really know what causes it. How do you know that BFS is caused by a virus?
The worst thing about BFS is that muscle fasciculations actually do not disappear with time and that you might have them for the rest of your life. That's, of course, the worst-case scenario.
Muscle fasciculations can also be caused by magnesium and/or calcium deficiency, lack of vitamin B, etc. Go figure...
I just hope we all get rid of them, because they can be extremely annoying...

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