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Ontarian, your first post could have been something I could have typed exactly. But my twitching started in my left leg; I also have a pain in my upper left quads and groin area that has been checked but still no diagnosis for the pain yet. The twitching progressed to my butt, left arm, then moved to the right side of my body and now everywhere... all over a span of several months. And then later on I began to develop those cold pin/needle like feelings in my left leg which progressed through my body as well but these feelings do not last a long time and only maybe once a week. It actually feels more like small light rain drops hitting my body at first. When I wake up in the morning I do not have any twitches but they progress throughout the day. While I do not agree with my doctor that it is just anxiety, the more I read of others having this the more I start to agree. But the thing is, my twitching occurs more often where it had originated from... my leg, just like you. I strongly think that once we find the cause of the pain in my leg that the rest of the twitching will start to subside. I have been constantly worrying about what is causing this pain for several months even after a number of tests already. I should be getting final answers though by the end of this month once I get an MRI of my leg.
Yeah chest twitches are the most annoying. I get them too and when you get them around the heart area, you tend to freak out and think it's your heart. Anyhow, try to relax Octarian. Expect the twitching to get worse but it is nothing serious, and it will go away on its own over time. I have had my twitching for about 10months by the way.

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